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Sakura Card Captors - Animated Artworks (Special Edition) - CLMP - Part 15

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After all these years …

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Legend of Korra | Book 4: Balance

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Fiona Hsieh

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David Zinn’s Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor

Oh these make me so happy!

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LOK Relationships (Books 1-3)  Korra & Lin 

Her mother Toph taught Avatar Aang how to earthbend, but Chief Lin Beifong didn’t feel any special affection for the reckless new Avatar at first. But now this metal and earthbending police chief sees Korra as a true leader and protector for Republic City and will do her best to support the Avatar when called to action.

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out of all the things was hoping for in book 4 i did not expect one of them to be old men in longjohns

Too many shades of awesome!


The Legend of Korra Exclusive Clip: Watch the Opening Sequence From Book Four - IGN

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