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How to Get Rejected and Accepted from CalArts


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"And I thought Beifong was grumpy."

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lok is my fave sitcom

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"We’re here to work."


I did more cut outs of my family for their birthdays! My little brother turned 20 years old today, but he’s still a class A dork. He also has the. Funniest. Faces when people take his picture gosh. He’s really such a joy.

My parents are very adventurous people. They go on crazy hikes every weekend and pick for mushrooms and vegetables like badasses. One time my dad threw a rock and killed a pheasant. We ate it at home later. I cut out their hiking gear because it was too cute. 

I wanted to do shadow boxes for all of them like I did with my sister’s, but mailing that was so hectic and crazy I just stuck with small frames and flat designs. Next year!

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Anonymous asked: You say you aren't homophobic, but then you don't agree with Korrasami when you're ok with an abusive ship like Makorra. What kind of shit is that?


Let’s make some things clear because this is getting out of hand.

  1. Not shipping a same sex couple =/= homophobia. You are all so quick to grab your torches and pitchforks and jump to the worst conclusions because someone isn’t on board with you. Did I say I didn’t ship Korrasami because they were women? No, I didn’t. Nobody is forcing heteronormativity on this blog; you’re the one tossing out accusations like they’re the daily newspaper.
  2. Makorra. Is. Not. Abusive. If you still think this four books into the series, then please go back to the beginning and rewatch the series, preferably with your head out of your ass. I know the namecalling is rooted in the fandom’s hatred of Mako the first two seasons, but that’s really sad that you can’t stop and see how far he’s come since then. WE’RE ON BOOK FOUR ALREADY; ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION (HERE’S A LINK TO BOOK FOUR. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF)? The fact that you call natural mistakes abusive is fucking offensive to those who are unfortunate enough to actually experience abuse. Mako didn’t intentionally choose to hurt Asami or Korra, he doesn’t try to overpower his significant other or treat them like trash to make him superior. He’s a good person, who, like the rest of us, makes mistakes. You can’t fault him for making mistakes or insult him by calling him abusive. 
  3. "Just because your preferred couple is lgbt compliant, doesn’t mean it’s ineherntly more right, healthy, progressive and narratively sensible than the other ones.”
  4. Having a different opinion is not shit. However, not learning to accept this point is shit.
  5. Shipping is based on interpretation. Don’t call someone else’s interpretation stupid because you aren’t willing to try to understand it.


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Toph has priorities and they don’t include you unless she says so.

I’m sure this has been done, but I needed to draw more old lady Toph after today’s episode. Also, old people Toko.

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